Interruption Cost Estimate (ICE) Calculator

The Interruption Cost Estimate (ICE) Calculator is an electric reliability planning tool developed by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and Nexant. This tool is designed for electric reliability planners at utilities, government organizations, and other entities that are interested in estimating interruption costs and/or the benefits associated with reliability improvements in the United States.

"Utilities are increasingly focused on improving the customer relationship. The Guidebook and ICE Calculator align with this objective by providing state-of-the-art guidance and tools for assessing the value that customers receive from a wide variety of investments ranging from everyday tree-trimming activities to advanced smart grid applications.” -Josh Schellenberg, Senior Vice President of Advanced Analytics at Nexant

The guidebook and online tool were funded by the Transmission Planning and Technical Assistance Division of the DOE’s Office of Electricity.

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(Video created by Berkeley Lab and the Department of Energy)